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Sophie the Giraffe is the quintessential teething tool for the little one in your life. Made to stimulate every sense, it will engage your baby while they sooth their sore gums.

It engages the senses in the following ways:

Sight: Your baby will soon become familiar and reassured by Sophie, as her dark and contrasting spots make her not only visualy stimulating but also easily recognisable.

Hearing: Sophie’s squeaker will stimulate your baby’s ears, keep them amused and help them learn the link between cause and effect.

Taste: Made from 100% natural rubber and food paint, Sophie is flexible and has areas all over her body that are perfect for chewing in order to sooth your baby’s sore gums.

Touch: Sophie has been made to be the perfect shape, size and weight to make it easy for your little one to hold her. She is soft to touch and will stimulate soothing pysiological and emotional responses and she reminds the baby of it’s mum.

Smell: With the scent of natural rubber, derived from the Hevea tree, Sophie will be easily distinguished from your baby’s other toys so they can find relief for their sore gums when they need it.


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